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Effective Guitar Lessons Over Skype

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"I get more out of these guitar lessons than I've gotten out of any private instruction in the past." -Stephen

You're looking for guitar lessons online. That's why you're here! That means you need a teacher who can understand your personal learning process and who can build your guitar lessons around achieving your own goals. You need a guitar teacher who has years of experience working with a wide variety of students.

Brant knows the learning process and details of body mechanics as they apply to playing guitar and he has honed his teaching skills through over 15 years of offering private guitar lessons to students ranging in age from 10 to 70, from complete beginners to other professional guitarists. In short, he knows how to teach you what you want to learn.

Whether your dream is to strum your first chords, improvise like Wes Montgomery, write a great prog-rock tune, or be the next Segovia, the learning environment Brant provides will still be one that encourages you while stretching you to achieve more than you thought you could.

The guitar lessons he offers over Skype cater to all levels, from complete beginners to other performing musicians. Regardless of level, Brant focuses a good deal of attention on "how" to practice, not just what to practice, and on developing a unique curriculum for each student.

How Does It Actually Work?

The one real obstacle to making guitar lessons work well over Skype is that the student and teacher can't play together at the same time. Brant has worked around this by creating an extensive library of over 300 mp3s that you will play along with during the lesson and that you can continue to practice with during the week.

Sample mp3s

Playalongs range in style from reggae to bossa nova, grunge to fusion...
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•guitar lessons online over Skype
•most styles, theory & composition
•all levels - beginner through advanced
•outstanding credentials
• Godin Guitars Artist Endorser
• JazzKat Amplifers Endorser

A consummate band leader, soloist, and sideman, Brant Grieshaber has shared the stage with jazz giants such as Bill Frisell (Grammy nominee), James Carter, and Charlie Hunter. He is author of "The Ultimate Guitarist's Survival Guide" and is currently working on a book and CD on playing chord changes in any style.

"I get more out of these guitar lessons than I've gotten out of any private instruction in the past." -Stephen